JSoul Musiq, a gifted music producer from New Orleans. Louisiana. I have over 16 years building fantastic sounds tapestries and taking artists to the next level. I’m one of the best producers in the world because I make my music come to life right in front of your eyes. Check out this live performance and let me know what your think? Share, like and comment please! I’m currently seeking conventional, exclusive and non-exclusive sync licensing deals for digital national or international music monetizations. As well as paid shows and performances. I have a catalog of music for sale on beats star. And I love working with independent artist. Contact me now for that next hit 🎯

Executive summary:

πŸ† Remarkable experience in creating successful music and entertainment content.

πŸ† Sound knowledge of different music genres.

πŸ† Wide knowledge of soulful music.

πŸ† Familiarity with music theory and the sound recording process.

πŸ† write and read musical notes.

πŸ† Social media and technical savvy.

πŸ† Ability to be a part of the recording process right from the beginning.

πŸ† Extensive knowledge of the techniques of acoustic designing and sound recording.

πŸ† In-depth knowledge of different musical genres.

πŸ† Passionate about music and its role in society and our lives.

πŸ† Experience in a wide range of music from rock, country, and gospel pop & hip-hop musical trends from around the world.

πŸ† familiar with music styles from other countries as well as other time periods.

πŸ† Professional demeanor when speaking with artists, labels, executives and other music producers.

πŸ† Recording Arts Music Degree from Full Sail University Social Mediaβœ”πŸ’―

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